Our Vision,
Your Future!

The real estate industry is changing and Simply Online would like for its Partners to benefit from utilizing our Cloud Based Real Estate Agency to benefit from our unique offering.


All businesses of today are required to begin to think of things a little differently...

The role of technology in business caused a tremendous growth in trade and commerce. Business concepts and models were revolutionized as a result of the introduction of technology. This is because technology gave a new and better approach on how to go about with business. It provided a faster, more convenient, and more efficient way of performing business transactions.

Some of actions of technology in business include accounting systems, management information systems, point of sales systems, and other simpler or more complicated tools. Even the calculator is a product of technology. It is indeed unfathomable to summon the idea of going back to the days where everything was done manually, which basically means starting all over again from scratch.

Technology can improve productivity, whether you have one or thousands of employees. AI (Artificial Intelligence) allows companies to look like they have an entire team working to satisfy customers. It saves on overhead costs and expands business capabilities.

Platform Core

Attorney Dashboard
A dedicated dashboard to run, control, and manage the clients Cloud Based Platform Solutions an entirety.
Property Listing Tool
The tools needed to list a property for sale - property type, features, description, price, add photographs, etc.
List Once Show Everywhere
Your clients property listings will be advertised on all SA's top property platforms exposing them to 94% of all potential buyers.
Appoint a Real Estate Agent
Once a property is listed, select a real estate agent that you feel is best suited to sell this home.
Property eValuation Tool
A Comparative Market Analysis report, from Lightstone, available at the push of a button, and presented as an 'easy to read' document.
Real Estate Agent Invitation
An auto generated invitation to invite your existing, or new, real estate agents to your list of agents to appoint property listings to.
South Africa's first dedicated property viewing tool that facilitates a live remote viewing with between 1 - 50 potential buyers.
Buyers Map
A map of SA with pre-qualified buyers looking to buy a home meeting the criteria of your property listing.
Document Repository
A repository to store all the required documentation needed for each and every property listed.
3rd Party Services
An array of services to ensure our clients have all possible services required when transacting in property.
24/7 Customer Support
A team of professionals is available to help ensure that our clients get all the support needed.
Digital Everything
Experience everything digitally. From listing a property, receiving inquiries, arranging property viewings, submit an offer, negotiate, etc.

The Benefits of using iAttorney

Attorney Dashboard

Full access to a 'personalized' dashboard designed to assist attorney firms to list a clients property. In addition to just listing a property you can also appoint a real estate agent, get a property evaluation, manage property viewings, track property listings, monitor which properties have been allocated to specific real estate agents, offer & negotiation tools, client document repository, order property boards, select a professional photographer, etc.

Property Listing Tool

Why would you need this? You can now secure ALL your clients property transfers by offering them the service of either selling their home yourselves, or appointing the very best real estate agent to facilitate the sale on their behalf.
There is undoubtedly a considerable number of your current clients who don't use your services when selling their homes due to the fact that they take the advice of the real estate agent upon the Offer to Purchase document being concluded. Don't loose any clients again!

Reach 94% of All S.A.'s Potential Buyers

When listing your property with Simply Online you will gain maximum exposure on all of S.A.'s top property portals, therefore, increasing the chances of a SALE. Secure more conveyancing deals!

Appoint a Real Estate Agent

You could either use Simply Online as your Cloud Based Solution to be the next 3%.com, or to secure every possible conveyancing deal from existing, or new, clients. You now have the choice!
Simply Online's unique 'Appoint a Real Estate Agent' allows for you to appoint a property listing to a real estate agent that you are already working with, or seamlessly invite someone that you feel that is best suited to that specific transaction.

Digital Tools

Dedicated on ensuring we offer attorneys the very latest digital tools. As the property industry evolves over the years ahead it will be unachievable for most real estate agency & attorney firms to afford to compete with the 'tech' advancements of the bigger franchises. We are the solution to that problem.

Becoming One of Simply Online's Agents Preferred Attorneys

Simply Online's iAgent is a Cloud Based Real Estate Solution designed specifically for real estate agents. All parties joining our 'iAgent' offering will be obligated to recommend the services of our Partner attorney firms upon listing a clients home.

Become A Conveyancing Partner Today

The current real estate industry has changed dramatically over the last 5 years and we will see an even bigger change over the next 5 years. Attorney firms will have to take more control over their existing client base in order to ensure that their clients think of them when selling their home. Rather than leaving it up to a random agent to hopefully allow for your client to make the decision as to which conveyancing attorney to use, empower your clients today by letting them know that if they are selling that you will take care of their legal needs and appoint the sale to the agents that your firm has strategically built relationships with.

The Benefits of Recommending a Real Estate Agent

All Real Estate Agents joining Simply Online will utilize the services of our Corporate & Conveyancing Partners for all our property transfers. So, if you have someone in mind that you know will secure new business for your firm be sure to click below and invite them to join our team. Simply Online's iAgent solution is geared to offer all agents the very best deal so rest assured that it shouldn't a hard sell to get them to join.