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why attorney Realtor Hub?

Let's face it, the world is changing, and it's changing fast. Technology has flipped most business models on their head and for us, as attorneys, it is no different.

The BIG question is,
do we sit back & wait for better days?

way back When

did we, as attorneys, have any idea how our worlds would change:

when we left school and enrolled for a law degree?

when we were admitted Attorneys, Conveyances or Notaries?

did we, as attorneys, think that:

our degree would be for life?

we would be entrepreneurs?

Reflecting back, many of us attorneys did not forsee any major disruptions in our careers such as other stakeholders and technology.


who would have thought!

How are attorney firms being disrupted?

Or is this INNOVATION?

The current and future concepts,
that have and will change our world:

Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014
Proxi Smart Services
Property Practitioners
Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Bill
Demarcation of the Jurisdiction Areas
New Technology & Digital Innovations

a quote from a newsletter from a conveyancer:

" the mornings I switch on my computer to view the new conveyancing instructions received from estate agents..."

a quote from the C.O.O. of Attorney Realtor Hub:

"...attorneys receiving new instructions from real estate agents when they switch on their computers will unfortunately be a thing of the past.."

Welcome to

so, what's Attorney Realtor Hub?

Attorney Realtor Hub is a Cloud Based Real Estate Solution giving you, the attorney, a wide array of digital tools designed specifically to increase your firms revenue generated through transacting in property.

We empower our Partner Attorneys to offer their clients an array of 'property related' services while still financially benefiting from the entire transaction.

Let's work together to grow your business while ensuring your clients experience a service level second to none.

Let's face it! When most people think of selling their home they don't think of contacting their attorney. They reach out to an agent who not only benefits from selling their home but also steers YOUR CLIENT to an attorney that they've strategically aligned themselves with.

Let's offer your clients

Property Sales
buyer support
Bond Prequalification
Morgage Origination
Valuation of a Property
FLISP Subsidy Pre-Qualification
Rental Pre-Screen & Management
Pre-Development Advice
Buyer Education & Assistance

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every agent you refer to agent hub you will earn 5% of their commission on an ongoing basis!

Yes, that's correct!

You will earn 5% of every successful sale even if the property sold is not one that you've referred to that agent.

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