Our Vision,
Your Future!

Combining the reduction of operating costs by creating an environment that our agents no longer need physical brick and mortar offices, and reducing running costs associated with, branding, administration, Simply Online has managed to design its agent model to ensure that its agents stand to benefit the most.

Cloud Based Real Estate Agency blending technology with core values of traditional real estate.

Why become a Simply Online iAgent?

Simply Online has the benefit of a market leading software platform, digital tools, marketing partners, and its very own CRM, which allows its agents to leverage off to transact in property without actual brick and mortar offices. Finally, thousands of South Africans understand the benefits of technology and the decreasing reliance on traditional office space.

Though our reduction in operating costs Simply Online has managed to design its agent offering to ensure that its agents stand to benefit the most.

The benefits are:

  • No royalty fees
  • No franchise fees
  • Higher commission splits
  • Mentoring & business growth assistance
  • Build teams
  • EAAB compliance
  • Access to 3rd party services
Join SA's Cloud Based Real Estate Agency today!


Agent Dashboard
A dedicated dashboard to run, control, and manage the clients Cloud Based Platform Solutions an entirety.
Property Listing Tool
The tools needed to list a property for sale such as, property type, features, description, price, add photographs, etc.
List Once Show Everywhere
Your clients property listings will be advertised on all SA's top property platforms exposing them to 94% of all potential buyers.
Property eValuation Tool
A Comparative Market Analysis report, from Lightstone, available at the push of a button, and presented as an 'easy to read' document.
As the 1st real estate agency to have API'd with Ooba, we ensure that our application process is a simple & seamless one.
Our unique digital Viewing Management tool simplifies the process of scheduling a property viewing for both the agent & buyer.
A digital offer tool for both the agent & buyer to negotiate on the price directly from within their very own personalized dashboards.
A hand-picked panel of conveyancing firms dedicated to assisting the Seller with their legal needs when selling their property.
A Customer Relations Management system designed to simplify the 'selling' journey for agents & increase the chances of a SALE.
Experience everything digitally, from listing a property, receiving inquiries, arranging property viewings, submit an offer, negotiate, etc.
Document Repository
A repository to store all the required documentation needed for each and every property listed.
South Africa's first dedicated property viewing tool that facilitates a live remote viewing with between 1 - 50 potential buyers.
Buyers Map
A map of SA with pre-qualified buyers looking to buy a home meeting the criteria of your property listing.
3rd Party Services
An array of services to ensure our clients have all possible services required when transacting in property.
24/7 Customer Support
A team of professionals is available to help ensure that our clients get all the support needed.


Service Simply Online's Private Sellers

Not only do you have the opportunity to earn up to R 4,750.00 but you also have the opportunity to build a relationship with the seller right from the start. Why is this beneficial to you? Approximately 97% of our private sellers end up reaching out to an agent and YOU could be that agent!

Take Home Up to 80% of Your Commission

Simply Online has managed to streamline its business operations and in return has resulted in a cost effective real estate solution. These savings now go into our agents pockets!

Personalized Agent Dashboard

List your property onsite (to be vetted prior to going 'live', view their property inquires, scheduled viewings, access CMA reports, and so much more.

Digital Tools

Enjoy the benefits of technology with our viewing management system, offer & negotiation tool, 'live' remote property viewing capabilities, and so much more.


Our Customer Relations Estate Agency Management system is designed to assist our agents streamline processes, build customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer service.

Google Workspace

Everything that you need to get anything done, now in one place. Enjoy Google Meet, Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Slides.

National Conveyancing Partners

Choose from a panel of hand-picked conveyancing firms that are there to assist you and your client on ensuring that the sale of their property is a seamless one.

EAAB Compliance

An API with the EAAB will help to ensure that your FFC certificate is renewed timelessly while keeping you compliant at all times. Look out for your 'tick' in your Agent Dashboard.

Private Seller Property Leads

Simply Online has a unique market leading edge in that we offer the SA private seller market with an array of tools to assist them when selling their home. The benefit to our agents is that these sellers often eventually want to use the services of an agent. That could be you!

Buyer Map

No where in the world do you have access to a Buyers Map that allows for you to reach our to buyers. These buyers can be pre-approved, verified, or just be shopping around, however, they are there for your to engage with. Yet again we are setting the trend in what is to come in the real estate market.

Telesales Property Leads

Our agents enjoy the benefits of a dedicated team of telemarketers to ensure that they constantly have a steady flow of property listings.

Social Media Marketing

Making life easier for our agents by assisting them with social media posts of their property listings and letting the public know about the services they offer.


The current international real estate industry is seeing a rise of Independent Property Professionals vs the growth of the real estate agency franchise model as we know it.

It is becoming unaffordably to operate a franchise in South Africa due to the current commission fees dropping year upon year. The result of this will see the franchise model no longer having 'brick & mortar' offices but rather Independent Agents operating from one Franchise Head-Office. These agents will need a combination of tech, a CRM, lead generation, etc to make their world 'tick' & Simply Online offers all of this to its agents.

"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today".
Malcolm X

Earn up to R 4,750.00 Servicing Simply Online's Private Sellers (also secure a potential future mandate)

Lets's face it, all Real Estate Agents target the 'Private Seller' market to try secure a potential mandate!

When becoming a Simply Online iAgent you have the opportunity to service the needs of Simply Online's private sellers right from the start of their property journey.

This service will consist of:

  • Remote Valuation Assistance
  • Telephonic Guidance
  • And anything else that you feel will assist YOUR client along their journey. Also, allow for you to build a relationship with the seller so that when they decide to use an agent you are that agent.


We've partnered with some
of South Africa's top conveyancing
firms, to give you peace of mind
throughout the buying & selling