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why agent hub?

over the last 2-3 years there has been a massive growth of the Independent Real Estate Agent concept due to a large portion of agents wanting to benefit from what these new disruptive models have to offer.

for example:

higher commission splits
market leading technology
no geographical restrictions
do rentals
and sales

and so much more...

why a hub owned by attorneys?

Many of us find ourselves passing on our clients property listing to agents and solely financially benefiting from the property transfer.

You now stand to benefit in the following ways:

Refer an agent to agent hub & earn an ongoing % of their commission

When referring an agent to agent hub, and they end up joining our Independent Agent model, you will receive 5% of their commission on an ongoing basis.

referral incentive when selling your clients home
When referring a property FOR SALE to agent hub, and a successful sale is achieved by one of our agents, you will receive 5% of their commission in relation to that sale.
earn a percentage of the bond origination

You will receive a 0.3% of any bond origination fees secured by Agent Hub and Attorney Realtor Hub through any of your clients, and their property advertisements.

agents selecting your firm when listing a property

Agent Hub's agents have their very own Independent Real Estate Agent Dashboards that when listing a property they can select one of our National Conveyancing Partners to do the property Transfer. This will allow for a number of deals to be 'passed' your way!

how does the 'Refer an agent & earn an ongoing % of their commission' work?

for every agent you refer to agent hub you will earn 5% of their commission on an ongoing basis!

Yes, that's correct!

You will earn 5% of every successful sale even if the property sold is not one that you've referred to that agent.

and guess what,

if you refer a client's property for sale you will earn an additional 5%.

it's like having your own agents without the hassle!

so, from one client you could stand to financially benefit as follows:

5% referral commission

5% from
'your' agent

0.2% of the bond origination
the property transfer

you now have the option to
earn a passive income from agents
even when not referring a property!

tomorrow belongs to those that prepare for it today!

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